About me

A little bit about me

My name is Uro, or at least my online pseudonym is.

  • I am a 3D Modeler, Environment Artist, Software Developer and also an avid Gamer!

  • I spent a chunk of my life working in the Land Management, Ground Maintenance & Construction sectors.

  • For all of the time I spent working at my day job I spent an equal if not greater amount of time self-educating about 3D Modeling and programming.

  • I returned to University to study Computer-Science, to attain the qualifications which academically backup my existing knowledge & learn some new tricks along the way.

  • I have created and contributed to a large number of community game-mods over the years and have been creating content and modding games all the way as far back to Doom, yes it was a thing back then too!

  • I like helping others to improve their own knowledge and have been involved with other content authors over the years, with my involvement going from giving them advice on issues & helping them to understand concepts & code, all the way up to creating 3D Environments, 3D Models and 2D content.

That rug really tied the room together.