Projects I have developed solo or contributed towards

Arma 3 Library

A static site I created which displays all of the terrain usable assets in the Arma 3 game, the Contact expansion & the Global Mobilization Creator DLC. It also contains cheat-sheets, commented config.cpp files & guides for splitting game-data to mitigate the 2GB PBO file-size limit.

The core website is created using PHP for data handling and dynamic page creation which is then exported into pure HTML5 before being pushed to the repository. The PHP and game-data capture modules I wrote are proprietary code and are not available.

You can find it over at


2017Mod was a dark post-apocalyptic horror / survival mod built on top of the Arma 3 game engine.

Due to major undocumented changes in the Arma3 engine’s environment lighting by game developer Bohemia Interactive we were forced to abandon development of this project.

We spent many years and late nights producing 3D models, textures, animations, code, game logic, an entire terrain known as Bamburgh. The team were closing in on our end goal when the game engine’s lighting was fundamentally changed giving us choice whether to rework thousands of assets or just move on.

We deliberated over it for a few months while trying to repair the damage that had been done, but in the end - much to the disappointment of thousands of gamers wanting to play 2017 - we decided in the interests of our sanity to call it a day.

If your interested in more of what the mod was about you can find more videos on the 2017mod Youtube channel at


A forked repository where I updated the repo codebase to VS2015, enabled x64 compile options and compiled updated DLL’s for x86 and x64 which coincided with x64 availability of the Arma 3 game engine. This enabled many community projects to use their content with the x64 game engine.

You can find it over on my GitHub at


DayZ-Epoch mod for Arma 2, where I contributed bug-fixes and code updates to game functions, config file and SQL Database maintenance.

You can find it on GitHub at

Epoch Survival Game Mode for Arma 3

I did not contribute directly to this repo, however I supported the developers by operating alpha server’s on their behalf by reporting issues, reporting debug data and helping them to refine their code prior to publicly releasing their project.

You can find it on GitHub at

I have also worked on several commercial projects through contracted work, which for reasons such as NDA’s shall remain unmentioned on this website.